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  1、achieve: to gain with effort

  she achieved her goal despite setbacks.

  2、apparatus: equipment designed to serve a specific function

  Eg: A nuclear reactor is the apparatus in which atoms are split.


  a group of body parts that work together to perform a given function;

  Eg:The breathing apparatus includes the nose, throat and lungs.


  3、appease : cause to be more favorably inclined; gain the good will of; overcome or allay(使平静) ; make peace with

  The move was widely seen as an attempt to appease critics of the regime.

  He tried to appease the crying child by giving him candy

  The move was widely seen as an attempt to appease critics of the regime.

  The government tried to appease discontented workers。

  It was a blunder for them to try to appease the aggressor.

  4、appetent: [æ'pɪtənt] marked by eager desire; 热望的,意欲的,本能欲求的

  Henry is appetent squeeze Woerte, where just does not go.


  Chinese economy is appetent remove shipping to go, will confused credit issue eventually this key. 中国经济意欲起航运行,终将绕不过信用问题这块暗礁。

  5、appliance: a device that is very useful for a particular job; durable goods for home or office use

  These advances were the result of the intellectual appliance of science. 这些进步是巧妙应用科学的结果。

  6、apportion: distribute according to a plan or set apart for a special purpose; give out as one's portion or share

  I don't wish to apportion blame among you/to any of you. 我不愿意怪罪你们大家[你们任何人]。

  It's already been agreed in principle to apportion the value of the patents

  It was difficult to apportion the blame for the accident.

  7、apposite: [ˈæpəzɪt] being of striking appropriateness and pertinence适当的,合适的,贴切的

  This is a very apposite comparison.


  His answer was apposite.


  That proverb is apposite to this case.


  8、apprehend: get the meaning of something; take into custody(拘留); anticipate with dread or anxiety vt. 理解;逮捕,拘押;忧虑

  I apprehend no worsening of the situation. 我不担心局势会恶化

  Do you apprehend any difficulty? 你担心会有困难吗?

  At last I apprehended his meaning. 最后,我理解了他的意思。

  9、apprentice: [ə'prentɪs] works for an expert to learn a trade 学徒

  My son is an apprentice in a furniture maker's workshop

  His father apprenticed him to a barber他父亲让他学理发

  an apprentice carpenter

  10、approximate: be close or similar; judge tentatively or form an estimate of (quantities or time);

  The Prime Minister has made a statement closely approximate to a falsehood. 首相发表了一项几近谎言的声明。

  Newton mechanics is no more than an approximate version of quantum mechanics. 牛顿力学只是量子力学的一种近似描述。

  11、aquatic: [əˈkwætɪk] a plant that lives in or on water; relating to or consisting of or being in water; operating or living or growing in water;

  Aquatic sports include swimming and rowing水上运动包括游泳和划船。

  We visited an aquatic city in Italy. 我们在意大利访问过一个水上城市

  In this method "free water'samples are taken directly in the aquatic medium. 在这种方法中,“自由水”样品是直接在水介质中取得的。

  Certain species of aquatic animals are capable of producing physiological shocks. 某些种类的水生生物能够引起生理学的电击。

  12、arbitration: [ˌɑ:bɪˈtreɪʃn] (law) the hearing and determination of a dispute by an impartial referee agreed to by both parties (often used to settle disputes between labor and management) the act of deciding as an arbiter; giving authoritative judgment; n. 仲裁,公断

  Both sides in the dispute have agreed to go to arbitration . 争执双方已同意提请仲裁。

  They signed a treaty to settle all border disputes by arbitration. 他们通过仲裁签订了解所有边境争端的条约。

  Both sides have agreed that the arbitration will be binding. 双方都赞同仲裁具有约束力。

  The wage disagreement is under arbitration. 工资纠纷正在仲裁中。

  It was settled by compulsory arbitration. 此事已通过强制性仲裁得到解决。

  13、arcane:[ɑ:ˈkeɪn] requiring secret or mysterious knowledge; 秘密的;神秘的;晦涩难解的

  The technique at one time was arcane in the minds of most chemists. 这种技术在大多数化学家心目中一度是神秘的。

  Each of us is a specialist in one of arcane arts. 我们每一个都是某方面的专家。

  Sorcerer's nukes come in 3 elements: arcane, fire and ice. 魔术师的攻击有3种元素属性:神秘,火,冰。

  14、ardent: characterized by intense emotion; characterized by strong enthusiasm;glowing or shining like fire 热心的,热情的,热烈的;炽热的;强烈的;激烈的

  He's an ardent supporter of the local football team. 他是本地足球队的热情支持者。

  I've never met such an ardent pacifist as Terry. 我从未见过像特里这样热情的和平主义者。

  Her admirers were fewer, and fatter, and less ardent. 她的爱慕者少一些,胖一些,感情不那么热烈。

  Ardent expectations were held by his parents for his college career. 他父母对他的大学学习抱着殷切的期望。

  She is at heart an ardent reformer. 她实际上是个热心的改革家。

  15、aristocrat : [ˈærɪstəkræt] a member of the aristocracy n. 贵族;贵族政治论者;有贵族派头的人

  The curtain went up on the final act of the play and revealed the aristocrat sitting alone behind bars in his dark cell. 这出戏的最后一场的帷幕升起来了,展现在观众面前的是那位贵族,他孤独地坐在铁栏后的那间黑暗的号房里。

  He is an aristocrat to the very marrow of his bones. 他是一个道道地地的贵族。

  The harried magazinist appeared as the tragic young aristocrat. 给杂志写稿的潦倒文人,成了悲剧性的年轻贵族。

  16、armistice: [ˈɑ:mɪstɪs] a state of peace agreed to between opponents so they can discuss peace terms n. 停火; 停战;休战协议;停战协议

  The two nations signed an armistice. 两国签署了停火协议。

  The Italian armistice is nothing but a clumsy trap. 意大利的停战不过是一个笨拙的陷阱。

  After the armistice he had spent a month in Paris. 停战以后他在巴黎呆了一个月。

  17、arrant: [ˈærənt] without qualification; used informally as (often pejorative 轻蔑的) intensifiers adj. 彻头彻尾的,完全的;臭名昭著

  He is an arrant fool. 他是个大傻瓜。

  The most arrant nonsense about a product is never questioned. 而且从来没有人对广告中最荒谬绝伦的东西提出过质疑

  What an arrant hypocrite! 多么坏的伪君子!

  18、arrogant:[ˈærəgənt] having or showing feelings of unwarranted(无根据的) importance out of overbearing pride; 傲慢的,自大的;带有傲慢,出自傲慢;骄慢

  He's an arrogant little swine! 他是个傲慢的小讨厌鬼!

  Mona had watched him grow into an arrogant political agitator. 莫娜瞧着他成长为一个高傲的政治鼓动家。

  You've got to get rid of your arrogant ways. 你这骄傲劲儿得好好改改

  19、articulate: [ɑ:'tɪkjʊleɪt] provide with a joint; put into words or an expression; speak, pronounce, or utter in a certain way; express or state clearly发音清晰的;善于表达的;有关节的; 清晰地发(音);言语表达;(用关节)连接; 清楚地和清晰地讲;发音;[解剖学] 连接

  She is an articulate young woman.

  She struggled to articulate her thoughts. 她竭力表明她的想法。

  After the injury the bones did not articulate as well as before. 受伤后骨的关节不如从前连接的好。

  Articulate speech is very important. 清楚的表达能力是非常重要的。

  20、artifice: [ˈɑ:tɪfɪs] a deceptive maneuver (especially to avoid capture) n. 灵巧;诡计;巧妙办法;虚伪行为

  His remorse is just an artifice to gain sympathy. 他的悔恨只是一种骗局,是为了博取同情。

  He displayed a great deal of artifice in decorating his new house. 他在布置新房子中表现出富有的技巧。

  But she liked no artifice. 可她不喜欢打扮。

  21、ascribe: [ə'skraɪb] attribute or credit to 把…归于,认为…是由于;认为…具有

  I would not ascribe vice to him. 我不愿意把罪过归给他。

  Scholars ascribe the unsigned painting to Rubens. 学者们认为这幅无落款的画的作者是鲁本斯。

  He ascribes his low mark to the noisy study environment. 他把他的低分数归因于嘈杂的学习环境。

  22、asperity:[æˈsperəti] something hard to endure;harshness of manner粗暴;(表面的)粗糙;(环境的)艰苦;严寒的天气

  He spoke to the boy with asperity他严厉地对那男孩讲话。

  Mrs Tremaine, wrought up, could resist an unusual asperity. 屈里曼太太被惹上气来,忍不住尖锐地顶她一句。

  23、 assert [ə'sɜ:t] vt. state categorically(直截了当);to declare or affirm solemnly and formally as true;insist on having one's opinions and rights recognized;assert to be true声称,断言;维护,坚持;坚持自己的主张;生效

  She continued to assert that she was innocent. 她仍然坚称自己无辜。

  To assert this is to denigrate the effectiveness of the police. 坚持这一点就是贬低警方的办事能力。

  The enemy will invariably seek opportunities to assert himself. 敌人是一定要寻找机会表现他们自己的。

  I choose rather to hesitate my opinion than to assert it roundly. 我宁可犹疑地表示我的意见而不愿直率地断言这件事。

  24、authentic [ɔ:ˈθentɪk] conforming to fact and therefore worthy of belief; not counterfeit or copied;

  I don't know if the painting is authentic. 我不知道这幅画是不是真迹。

  This is an authentic news report.We can depend on it. 这是篇可靠的新闻报道,我们相信它。

  Both texts are equally authentic. 两种文本具有同等效力。

  The information is authentic for it comes from an authoritative magazine. 这些消息是可信的因为它们来自一本权威的杂志。

  25、authoritative: [ɔ:ˈθɔritətiv] having authority or ascendancy or influence; of recognized authority or excellence; sanctioned by established authority;

  an authoritative tone of voice命令式的口气

  David speaks in an authoritative tone. 大卫以命令的口吻说话。

  So far no authoritative figures are available as to the persent telephone ownership in this city. 迄今为止,此城市电话的拥有数量尚无官方大红鹰线上娱乐网址数字。

  26、avowed [əˈvaʊd] openly declared as such; 公开声明的,承认的

  v. 公开声明,承认( avow的过去式和过去分词)

  An aide avowed that the President had known nothing of the deals. 一位助理声明,总统对这些交易一无所知。

  The party's avowed aim was to struggle against capitalist exploitation. 该党公开宣称的宗旨是与资本主义剥削斗争。

  The avowed aim of this Government is to reduce taxation. 这届政府所宣称的目标是减少税收。

  27、banish ['bænɪʃ] expel from a community or group;ban from a place of residence, as for punishment;expel, as if by official decree; drive away;

  I am divided from mankind, a solitaire, one banish'd from humane society. 我与世隔绝,仿佛是一个隐士,一个流放者。

  "Let us reasonably Banish care And just be friends, enjoying nature." 理会是非遣,性达形迹忘。

  One snag is that they do not totally banish power losses. 其中一个问题就是它们并不能完全避免能量损失。

  The doctor advised her to banish fear and anxiety. 医生劝她消除恐惧和忧虑。

  Banish that thought from your mind. 你不要那样想了。

  28、barbarous: [ˈbɑ:bərəs] (of persons or their actions) able or disposed to inflict pain or suffering; primitive in customs and culture adj. 粗野的;野蛮的;残暴的;粗声粗气的

  the barbarous treatment of these prisoners of war 对这些战俘的残酷待遇

  They were guilty of the most barbarous and inhuman atrocities. 他们犯有最野蛮、最灭绝人性的残暴罪行。

  It was barbarous to treat prisoners in that manner. 如此对待犯人,真是太残忍了。

  29、bedazzle: [bɪ'dæzl] to cause someone to lose clear vision, especially from intense light; 使目眩;使眼花缭乱;把(人)弄糊涂;使(人)迷惑

  be bedazzled by the lake and the green hills为湖光山色所迷

  30、belabor [bɪ'leɪbə] to work at or to absurd length; attack verbally with harsh criticism; beat soundly毒打一顿;责骂就…作过度的说明;向…唠叨

  Don't belabor the point

  He seems to be looking for a man of straw to belabor.

  31、bereave [bɪ'ri:v] deprive through death使失去(希望、生命等);(尤指死亡)使丧失(亲人、朋友等);使孤寂;<废>抢走(财物)

  Nothing can bereave us of such sweet memories. 没有什么东西可以夺去我们这样甜蜜的记忆。

  32、biannual [baɪˈænjuəl] occurring or payable twice each year一年两次的

  I have to make a biannual report next Monday. 下周一我得作半年度报告。

  33、blasphemous: ['blæsfəməs] grossly irreverent toward what is held to be sacred; characterized by profanity or cursing; adj. 亵渎上帝的,亵渎宗教信仰的

  The book was declared blasphemous and all copies ordered to be burnt. 这本书被断定为亵渎神明之作,命令全数焚毀。

  The people in the room were shocked by his blasphemous language. 满屋的人都对他那侮慢的语言感到愤慨。

  34、blemish:a mark or flaw that spoils the appearance of something (especially on a person's body); n. 瑕疵,缺点;污点;不名誉vt. 有损…的完美;玷污;损害;弄脏

  A mole is a blemish on a person's skin. 黑痣在人的皮肤上是一个疵点

  He was pilloried, but she escaped without blemish. 他受到公众的批评,她却名声未损地得以逃脱。

  There wasn't a blemish on his body. 他身上一块疤也没有。

  One bad deed can blemish a good reputation. 一次不良的行为可损害好的名声。

  35、blithe [blaɪð] lacking or showing a lack of due concern; carefree and happy and lighthearted; adj. 欢乐的,愉快的;轻率的;漫不经心的;无忧无虑的

  A blithe heart makes a blooming visage. 人逢喜事精神爽。

  It does so with blithe disregard for best scientific practice. 没有考虑最科学的做法就轻率地这么做了。

  Shelley called the skylark a "blithe spirit" because of its happy song. 雪莱把云雀说成是“欢乐的精灵”,因为它的歌声令人陶醉。

  Tonight, however, she was even in a blithe mood than usual. 但是,今天晚上她比往常还要高兴。

  36、boggle:startle with amazement or fear;hesitate when confronted with a problem, or when in doubt or fear;overcome with amazement; 踌躇,犹豫;退缩;惊恐

  Even I boggle at the idea of spending so much money. 一想到要花这么多钱,连我都有点犹豫。

  Never boggle at a difficulty. 切莫见难而止。

  We shouldn't boggle at this opportunity to make a profit. 对这个赚钱的机会我们不应犹豫。

  37、bombastic:[bɒm'bæstɪk] ostentatiously [ˌɒsten'teɪʃəslɪ] 铺张地,招摇地;lofty 高耸的,傲慢的 in style adj. 夸夸其谈的,空洞的;唐;虚夸

  The candidate spoke in a bombastic way of all that he would do if elected. 候选人大肆吹嘘,一旦他当选将要如何如何。

  He was vain and bombastic. 他自负虚荣,大话连篇。

  38、boost:[bu:st] the act of giving hope or support to someone;an increase in cost; the act of giving an upward push;促进,提高;增加;吹捧;向上推起

  The movie helped boost her screen career. 那部电影有助于她的银幕生涯的发展。

  If you boost me up, I can just reach the window. 假如你托我一把,我正好可以够到窗户。

  This will be a great boost to the economy. 这对于经济发展将是一个巨大的促进。

  39、boycott ['bɔɪkɒt] a group's refusal to have commercial dealings with some organization in protest against its policies

  We are asking people to boycott goods from companies that use child labour. 我们正呼吁大家抵制雇用童工的公司的产品。

  Their boycott of the talks constitutes a serious impediment to peace negotiations. 他们联合抵制会谈的行为成了和谈的重大障碍。

  It is frequently supported by other weapons, such as picketing and boycott. 通常还有其他武器的支持它,如设立纠察线,和实行抵制活动。

  40、brutal:['bru:tl] (of weapons or instruments) causing suffering and pain; (of persons or their actions) able or disposed to inflict pain or suffering; used of circumstances (especially weather) that cause suffering; 野蛮的;残忍的;不讲理的;无情的

  With brutal honesty she told him she did not love him. 她冷酷地直接告诉他,她不爱他。

  He was known for running a brutal extortion racket. 他因干过一起残忍的敲诈勒索而出名。

  I delivered a verbal protest against their brutal acts. 我对他们的暴行提出口头抗议。

  41、callous:make insensitive or callous; deaden feelings or morals;emotionally hardened; 硬结的,长茧的;铁石心肠的,无情的;(使)变硬,(使)起茧;(使)冷酷无情

  He is callous about the safety of his workers. 他对他工人的安全毫不关心。

  The colonists massacred thousands of natives with brutal and callous force. 殖民者惨绝人寰地屠杀了成千的土著居民。

  She was selfish, arrogant and often callous. 她自私傲慢,而且往往冷酷无情。

  42、captious:['kæpʃəs] tending to find and call attention to faults; 爱找岔子的,强词夺理的

  There is no captious client but faulty product and service . 没有挑剔的客户,只有不完善的产品和服务。

  How to satisfy a net to buy customer people captious appetite? 如何满足网购消费者们挑剔的胃口?

  43、captive:a person who is confined; especially a prisoner of war; an animal that is confined; a person held in the grip of a strong emotion or passion被俘的;被监禁的;被关押的;无法逃离的

  They were taken captive by masked gunmen. 他们被蒙面的持枪歹徒劫持了。

  They led him captive. 他们将他活捉。

  The rock star had a captive audience. 那位摇滚歌星倾倒了许多观众。

  44、celibate: [ ˈselɪbət] an unmarried person who has taken a religious vow of chastity; abstaining from sexual intercourse; n. 独身者adj. 独身者的

  I've been celibate for the past six months. 我已禁欲六个月。

  He had defended the institution of a celibate priesthood. 他捍卫了独身牧师制度。

  The instinct of the celibate warned him to hold back. 单身汉的本能告诫他回头是岸。

  45、circuitous: [səˈkju:ɪtəs] marked by obliqueness or indirection in speech or conduct; deviating from a straight course; 迂回的,绕行的;萦纡;迂曲

  They took a circuitous route to avoid reporters. 他们绕道避开了记者。

  Many alien plants have become introduced by highly circuitous routes. 许多外来植物是通过极其迂回曲折的道路引进的。

  The more circuitous route would be the quickest. 采取比较迂回的路线,可能是捷径。

  The figure is a circuitous conduit for the transmission of energies. 这图形是一种作为能量传导的迂回的媒介。

  46、clinquant: ['klɪŋkənt] glittering with gold or silver仿金箔; 金光闪闪的(尤指无价值的)

  47、commemorate: mark by some ceremony or observation; call to remembrance; keep alive the memory of someone or something, as in a ceremony; be or provide a memorial to a person or an event; 纪念, 庆祝;成为…的纪念

  A series of movies will be shown to commemorate the 30th anniversary of his death. 为纪念他逝世30周年,有一系列的电影要上映。

  This building was built to commemorate the Fire of London. 这栋大楼是为纪念“伦敦大火”而兴建的。

  Some galleries commemorate donors by inscribing their names on the walls. 一些美术馆把捐赠者的姓名镌刻在墙上以示纪念。

  48、comprehensive: including all or everything; broad in scope; being the most comprehensive of its class;

  a comprehensive list of addresses详尽的地址目录

  a comprehensive listing of all airlines 所有航线的综合目录

  Streaming within comprehensive schools is common practice. 综合中学常把学生按能力分班。

  49、compulsive: [kəm'pʌlsɪv] a person with a compulsive disposition; someone who feels compelled to do certain things; caused by or suggestive of psychological compulsion; strongly motivated to succeed

  He went to a psychiatrist about his compulsive gambling. 他去看精神科医生治疗不能自拔的赌瘾。

  Their story makes compulsive reading. 他们的故事读起来有趣极了。

  Most compulsive gamblers are not successful. 多数嗜赌成瘾的赌徒都常赌输。

  Compulsive drinking is bad for one's health. 不加节制的饮酒有害健康。

  He's a compulsive liar, ie He lies repeatedly. 他说谎成性。

  50、conformity: [kən'fɔ:mɪtɪ] correspondence in form or appearance; acting according to certain accepted standards; orthodoxy in thoughts and belief; concurrence of opinion; hardened conventionality

  Was his action in conformity with the law? 他的行动是否合法?

  The prime minister is, in conformity with the constitution, chosen by the president. 依照宪法,首相由总统选定。

  Conformity is the jailor of freedom, and the enemy of growth. 顺从抹杀自由,使其无从发展壮大。

  Conformity is a surface that separates younger strata from older rocks. 整合面是一个分隔新老地层的面。

  51、conjecture:a hypothesis that has been formed by speculating or conjecturing (usually with little hard evidence); a message expressing an opinion based on incomplete evidence;reasoning that involves the formation of conclusions from incomplete evidence to believe especially on uncertain or tentative grounds; 推测,猜想;设想,揣度;想像;计划;推测,猜想;估量;揣摩;设想

  The truth of his conjecture was confirmed by the newspaper report. 新闻报道证明了他的推测果然不假。

  She didn't know the facts;what she said was pure conjecture. 她并不知道实情,她所说的纯属猜测。

  No conjecture can be offered on the subject. 关于这个问题不可臆测。

  I was right in my conjecture [guess]. 我猜中了。

  52、consent:permission to do something; give an affirmative reply to; respond favorably to;

  Children under 16 cannot give consent to medical treatment. 16岁以下的儿童不得自行同意接受治疗。

  She had incurred the wrath of her father by marrying without his consent 她未经父亲同意就结婚,使父亲震怒。

  Shakespeare is, by common consent, the greatest English dramatist. 莎士比亚被公认是英国最伟大的剧作家。

  53、constrain: hold back; restrict; 强迫;强使;限制;约束

  The police used horses to constrain the crowd from violence. 警察骑着马阻止那群人诉诸暴力。

  If they can, constrain him to belong to their desperate odd-fellow society. 要是可能,还要强迫他参加他们无可救药的畸形社会。

  As with dragging, a meta-key is often used to constrain the direction of a resize interaction. 和拖动一样,元键在这里也可以用来约束调整尺寸操作的方向。

  54、consultative: giving advice;

  She has joined the team in a consultative role. 她以顾问的角色加入了这个小组。

  It'should be noted that the consultative style can allow contraction. 应该注意,在商榷语气中可以有缩略表达。

  The Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference Tianjin Committee. 中国人民政治协商会议天津市委员会。

  55、continuous: continuing in time or space without interruption; of a function or curve; extending without break or irregularity

  She was in continuous employment until the age of sixty-five. 她连续不断地受雇于人,一直工作到六十五岁。

  There was continuous firing throughout the night. 整夜枪炮不息。

  a continuous interchange of ideas 不断的思想交流

  She finally got in after 10 years' continuous effort. 坚持不懈地努力了十年后,她终于当选了。

  56、correlate: either of two correlated variables; to bear a reciprocal or mutual relation; bring into a mutual, complementary, or reciprocal relation; 使互相关联;联系; 相关物;相关联的人; 相关的;相应特点的

  The figures do not seem to correlate. 这些数字似乎毫不相干。

  Try to correlate your knowledge of history with your knowledge of geography. 试着把你的历史知识和地理知识联系起来。

  57、countenance: ['kaʊntənəns] the appearance conveyed by a person's face; formal and explicit approval; consent to, give permission; 表情;脸,面孔;赞同,支持;鼓励; 表示赞同;嘉奖;宽恕

  The committee refused to countenance his proposals. 委员会拒不同意他的方案。

  At the sight of this photograph he changed his countenance. 他一看见这张照片脸色就变了。

  I am surprised (to learn that) you give countenance to such conduct. 我惊讶的是你竟赞成这种做法。

  58、counterpart:[ˈkaʊntəpɑ:t] a person or thing having the same function or characteristics as another;a duplicate copy配对物;副本;相对物;极相似的人或物

  . It is not a unique instance, but has its counterpart. 无独有偶。

  Night is the counterpart of day. 黑夜与白天相辅相成。

  It has no counterpart in the world. 举世无双

  59、crave:have a craving, appetite, or great desire for;plead or ask for earnestly渴望,热望;恳求,恳请;要求,需要;恳求,请求;渴望

  May I crave your attention? 我可以请你注意一下吗?

  Many young children crave attention. 许多小孩子渴望得到关心。

  Bird-hunters will crave me in vain, For I roam the limitless sky." 今我游冥冥,弋者何所慕?

  Do not succumb to a crave desire for money. 不能屈从于金钱的诱惑。

  60、creditable: worthy of often limited commendation; adj. 值得称赞的,带来荣誉的;声誉好的;可信任的

  It was a very creditable result for the team. 对这支队来说,这比赛结果是十分值得称道的。

  She gave a highly creditable performance as the wicked queen. 她演邪恶的王后演得非常逼真,值得称道。

  Alice's record of perfect attendance is very creditable to her. 艾丽斯从不缺席的记录真是值得称赞的。

  61、crooked: [ˈkrʊkɪd] having or marked by bends or angles; not straight or aligned; not straight; dishonest or immoral or evasive; irregular in shape or outline; having the back and shoulders rounded; not erect;

  a village of crooked streets 道路弯弯曲曲的村庄

  He crooked a finger to tell us to go over to him. 他弯了弯手指,示意我们到他那儿去。

  The city is full of crooked police officers taking bribes. 这城里尽是些受贿行骗的警官。

  You have to drive slowly on these crooked country roads. 在这些弯弯曲曲的乡间小路上你得慢慢开车。

  62、crude:a dark oil consisting mainly of hydrocarbons;not carefully or expertly made; 粗糙的,粗杂的;粗鲁的;天然的,未加工的;简陋的;原[生]材料,天然物质;原油

  a crude drawing of a face 脸部的略图

  The pipeline supplies Jordan with 15 per cent of its crude oil. 该管道供给约旦15%的原油。

  The purpose of oil refinery is to refine crude petroleum. 炼油厂的主要工作是提炼原油。

  63、dandy:a man who is much concerned with his dress and appearance;very good; 服装华丽的;最好的;花花公子;〈口〉最好的东西,上品

  I know him to be nothing but a man of pleasure,a dandy who has given himself up to the relentless pursuit of sensual pleasure. 我知道他是一个放荡的人,一个不顾一切、死心塌地地追求情欲之欢的花花公子。

  He was handsome and a dandy. 他英俊潇洒,还是个衣着讲究的时髦绅士。

  He says it's a dandy." 他说那船很漂亮。”

  We could have a dandy time. 我们可以好好乐一下。

  64、decent:[ˈdi:snt] socially or conventionally correct; refined or virtuous; according with custom or propriety; conforming to conventions of sexual behavior;enough to meet a purpose; decently clothed; observing conventional sexual mores in speech or behavior or dress; 正派的;得体的;(服装等)相称的,合宜的;相当好的

  And then he was awfully decent about giving me this job. 当时他特别宽厚,将这件工作交给了我。

  We want to raise our children to be decent men and women. 我们盼望把孩子们培养成优秀人才

  I didn't have a decent dress for the dance. 我没有参加舞会的合适的衣服。

  65、defalcate: [di:'fælˌkeɪt] appropriate (as property entrusted to one's care) fraudulently to one's own use; 盗用公款,挪用公款,贪污

  He has defalcate with $50000 of the firm's money. 他盗用了公司5万美金的公款。

  Lately, some large brand real estate agency corporations defalcate clients funds and break out fund sandal. 近来,大型品牌房地产中介公司频频挪用客户资金,爆发“资金门”丑闻,引发了房地产中介行业的信任危机。

  66、degrade:[dɪ'ɡreɪd] reduce the level of land, as by erosion;reduce in worth or character, usually verbally; lower the grade of something; reduce its worth降低,贬低;使降级;降低…身分;使丢脸;(使)退化,降解,分解;降解;撤职,免职;降低品格[身价,价值(等)

  A dishonest action like that will degrade you. 像这样不诚实的行为会使你降低身份。

  Don't degrade yourself by answering him. 不要自贬身分去搭理他。

  You degrade yourself when you tell a lie. 说谎会贬低自己的身分。

  For some reason our balancing reflexes degrade with age. 我们的平衡反射,由于某种原因,随着年龄的增长而退化。

  67、demoralize: [dɪ'mɒrəlaɪz] corrupt morally or by intemperance or sensuality; lower someone's spirits; make downhearted; confuse or put into disorder;

  Clearly, one of the objectives is to demoralize the enemy troops in any way they can. 很明显,目标之一就是要用一切可能的手段打击敌军的士气。

  Frequent gyrations in our national direction demoralize the Foreign Service. 我们在基本国策上的多变性,常使外交部门陷于混乱。

  Rumors of impending sanctions can demoralize. 即将采取制裁的谣言能使士气低落。

  68、derive:reason by deduction; establish by deduction;obtain; come from; develop or evolve, especially from a latent or potential state;come from; be connected by a relationship of blood, for example; 得到,导出;源于,来自;(从…中)提取

  Females and cubs clearly derive some benefit from living in groups. 雌兽与幼崽显然受益于群居。

  From that I unknowingly derive some sort of warm solace. 我在这上面无意识地会感到一种温暖的慰藉。

  To derive the transformation equations, we return to Fig. 14-1. 为了求出这个变换式,我们回顾图14-1

  These stories derive from his experiences during the Long March. 这些故事是根据他在长征中的经历写成的。

  69、detach:cause to become detached or separated; take off; military use: separate (a small unit) from a larger, especially for a special assignment; come to be detached; 分离,拆开;派遣;分派;使超然

  Detach the coupon and return it as soon as possible. 将赠券撕下后尽快寄回。

  It's impossible to detach oneself from reality. 超脱现实是不可能的。

  We should detach good apples from bad. 我们必须把好的苹果与坏的分开。

  70、diminish:decrease in size, extent, or range; lessen the authority, dignity, or reputation of;

  We should try to diminish the cost of production. 我们应尽力减少生产成本。

  As people approach old age, their energies may diminish. 接近老年时,人的精力就衰退了。

  Diminish the revenue by reducing tax. 由于减税而使这个国家的税收减少。

  71、detain:deprive of freedom; take into confinement;stop or halt;cause to be slowed down or delayed

  He was instructed to inspect the cargo on the ship and detain such cargo if necessary. 他奉命去检查船上所载货物并于必要时扣留该项货物。

  The act allows police to detain a suspect for up to 48 hours. 该法令允许警方将嫌疑犯扣押最多48小时。

  I'll not detain you an instant longer, on any account, Kit. 无论怎样我不会耽搁你多久的,吉特。

  72、diplomatic:relating to or characteristic of diplomacy; skilled in dealing with sensitive matters or people;able to take a broad view of negotiations between states外交上的;外交人员的;有手腕的;策略的

  Attempts are being made to settle the dispute by diplomatic means. 正在努力通过外交途径解决争端。

  After his election defeat he was reassigned to the diplomatic service. 落选之后,他又被派到外交部门工作。

  the severance of diplomatic relations 外交关系的断绝

  The proposal offered both sides a way out of the diplomatic impasse. 这一提议使双方都能摆脫外交僵局。

  73、exceed:go beyond; be or do something to a greater degree; 超过;超越;(在数量和质量等方面)胜过;越过…的界限;突出,领先

  Where payments exceed these limits they become fully taxable. 付款额超过这些限度就得全部纳税。

  The speed limit is 40 miles an hour. Don't exceed this maximum. 限速每小时四十英里,不要超过这个极限。

  The expenses shall not exceed 200 yuan. 费用以200元为限。

  Exports yearly exceed imports. 输出每年超过输入。

  74、exemplify: be characteristic of; clarify by giving an example of;

  I'm going to exemplify one or two of these points. 我打算就论点中的一、两个方面举例说明。

  He turned out stories and sketches to exemplify the generalized jottings of his notebook. 他根据笔记里归纳起来的东西写了一些短篇小说和小品文。

  We can best understand excellence by studying the products that exemplify it. 通过学习这些誉满全球的产品的例证,我们就能更好地明白它良好的质量所在

  75、exorbitant: [ɪgˈzɔ:bɪtənt] greatly exceeding bounds of reason or moderation; 过度的,极高的

  They're charging an exorbitant price for fixing the car, but they've got us over a barrel because we can't do without it. 他们修理这部汽车索价太高,但我们被逼得只好听其摆布,因为我们不能没有汽车。

  Exorbitant housing prices have created an acute shortage of affordable housing for the poor. 过高的房价已经造成了穷人能够买得起的住房严重短缺。

  Unsuspecting buyers paid exorbitant prices for their railroad stock. 轻信的买主为买进铁路股份而付出了过高的代价。

  76、exposition: [ˌekspəˈzɪʃn] a systematic interpretation or explanation (usually written) of a specific topic; a collection of things (goods or works of art etc.) for public display; an account that sets forth the meaning or intent of a writing or discourse; 博览会;展览会;阐述

  a clear and detailed exposition of their legal position 对他们的法律处境清楚而详尽的说明

  His pictures were shown at the Paris exposition of 1878. 他的画在1878年巴黎博览会上展览过。

  John gave a very exposition of the facts. 约翰把事实解释得很清楚。

  77、facile:[ˈfæsəl] arrived at without due care or effort; lacking depth; performing adroitly and without effort;expressing yourself readily, clearly, effectively; 容易达到的但无价值的;能说会道的,油嘴滑舌的;温和

  That is only a facile answer. 那只是一个很肤浅的回答。

  She has a facile tongue. 她口齿流利。

  In this special field she is facile princeps, and has left all competitors behind. 在这一特定领域里她是出类拔萃的,并使所有的竞争者都落后于她。

  The facile answer is a multimethod approach. 最方便的答案是多种方法的普查。

  I am of a peculiar disposition-I own that-far from facile, without address, in some points eccentric. 我承认,我是个性格怪僻的人,决不是容易亲近的,不会应酬,在某些方面,行为乖张

  78、falsify: ['fɔ:lsɪfaɪ] make false by mutilation or addition; as of a message or story; fake or falsify; prove false; falsify knowingly; insert words into texts, often falsifying it thereby篡改,伪造; 弄虚作假;歪曲;弄虚作假者;伪造者

  They falsify or deny whatever doesn't suit their books. 他们篡改或者否定任何不符合他们意见的东西。

  An adverse economic forecast will stimulate action intended to falsify it. 不利的经济预报将会刺激人们作出使预报失灵的行动。

  I would falsify the attendance records by filling out membership cards with fictitious names. 我将在出席记录上弄虚作假,用伪造的名字填写会员证。

  To alter or falsify(accounts, for example) for dishonest gain. 伪造为不正当目的伪造或篡改,例如(帐目)

  79、farraginous: [fə'rædʒɪnəs] 杂凑的,杂七杂八的,混杂的

  · a farraginous mass of disordered report

  · 一份七拼八凑杂乱无章的报告

  80、fastidious: [fæˈstɪdiəs] giving and careful attention to detail; hard to please; excessively concerned with cleanliness; having complicated nutritional requirements; especially growing only in special artificial cultures; 挑剔的;讲究的;苛求的;(微生物等)需要复杂营养的

  Everything was planned in fastidious detail. 样样都一丝不苟地计划好了。

  She is too fastidious about her food or clothing. 她爱讲究吃穿。

  He was fastidious about his appearance. 他非常讲究仪表。

  81、fidelity: [fɪ'delətɪ] accuracy with which an electronic system reproduces the sound or image of its input signal; the quality of being faithful忠诚,忠实;逼真;保真度;尽责

  fidelity to your principles 对原则的忠诚不移

  There is nothing like a dog's fidelity. 没有什么能比得上狗的忠诚。

  His fidelity and industry brought him speedy promotion. 他的尽职及勤奋使他很快地得到晋升。

  I had to promise fidelity to the Queen. 我必须承诺效忠女王。

  82、filthy:['fɪlθɪ] disgustingly dirty; filled or smeared with offensive matter;vile; despicable; thoroughly unpleasant; characterized by obscenity; 肮脏的,污秽的;猥亵的,淫秽的;下流的

  He looked around the filthy room in distaste. 他厌恶地环顾着这肮脏的房间。

  The hotel was really filthy and I'm not exaggerating. 我不是夸张,这旅店真的很脏

  It's filthy in here! 这里面脏得很!


  He underlined his signature with a little flourish. 他挥笔在签名下画了一条线。

  Crops flourish in rich soil. 作物在肥沃的土壤中长得茂盛。

  When the root is firm, the branches flourish. 本固枝荣。

  With a flourish of their spears, the two men started sparring with each other. 两人拿长枪一比试,便打了起来。

  84、fluctuate: cause to fluctuate or move in a wave-like pattern; move or sway in a rising and falling or wavelike pattern; be unstable; have ups and downs; 波动;涨落; 使波动;使动摇

  Prices fluctuate from year to year. 物价年年波动。

  Body temperature can fluctuate if you are ill. 人患病后体温可能会上下波动。

  The actual cost may fluctuate above and below that standard. 实际成本可在标准成本的上下范围内增减。

  85、fragrant:[ˈfreɪgrənt] pleasant-smelling

  The air was fragrant with scents from the sea and the hills. 空气中荡漾着山和海的芬芳气息

  The Fragrant Hills are exceptionally beautiful in late autumn. 深秋的香山格外美丽。

  The cake baking in the oven made the whole house fragrant. 炉上烤的蛋糕使满屋子气味喷香。

  Her name is fragrant with good deeds. 她因做好事而芳名流传。

  The air was fragrant with lavender. 空气中弥漫薰衣草香。

  86、fraternal: [frəˈtɜ:nl] of or relating to a fraternity or society of usually men; (of twins) derived from two separate fertilized ova; like or characteristic of or befitting a brother;

  Shall we apply to fraternal factories for help? 我们是否应要求兄弟厂支援?

  He said he hoped the issue could be solved in a fraternal way. 他表示希望这个问题能以友好的方式解决

  Fraternal love, sometimes almost everything, is at others worse than nothing. 骨肉之间的爱有时是胜过一切.有时是一文不值。

  87、frippery: ['frɪpərɪ] something of little value or significance便宜而俗艳的服装,无用的东西

  Affections of manner and speech are mere frippery. 态度和语言的做作只是矫饰而已。

  She often wears ornaments of frippery. 她常戴些低俗的装饰品。

  88、frugal:avoiding waste; adj. 节省的,节俭的;朴素的;花钱少的

  He was a VIP, but he had a frugal life. 他是位要人,但生活俭朴。

  We're planning a frugal Christmas. 我们正计划过一个花钱少的圣诞节。

  89、grapple:a tool consisting of several hooks for grasping and holding; often thrown with a rope;a dredging bucket with hinges like the shell of a clam;the act of engaging in close hand-to-hand combat; 抓住,捉牢;搏斗;与…格斗;用铁锚(铁钩)钩住

  Many investigators had grapple with the problem, usually with poor results. 许多研究人员曾设法解决这个问题,但是往往没有好结果。

  He no longer wishes to grapple furiously with his universe. 他已不再愿意同他的环境奋力博斗了。

  It is with these problems that Europe now has to grapple. 欧洲现在必须对付的就是这些问题。

  I seen him grapple four, and knock their heads together - him unarmed.' 我曾见他赤手空拳地以一对四,揪住对手的脑袋相互碰撞。”

  90、gratify:make happy or satisfied;yield (to); give satisfaction to使高兴;使满意

  He did that to gratify his girlfriend's vanity. 他做那事是要满足他女友的虚荣心。

  I do not think that young and amiable poets are bound to gratify its taste. 我认为和善的青年诗人没有义务满足它的胃口。

  She dilated on the beauty of the park and the Hall to gratify him. 她不断地夸奖园林和府第的美丽,让他高兴。

  91、humane:[hju:ˈmeɪn] pertaining to or concerned with the humanities; marked or motivated by concern with the alleviation of suffering;showing evidence of moral and intellectual advancement仁爱的,慈善的;高尚的

  a caring and humane society 充满关怀和人道的社会

  Is it humane to kill animals for food? 宰杀牲畜来吃合乎人道吗?

  I am divided from mankind, a solitaire, one banish'd from humane society. 我与世隔绝,仿佛是一个隐士,一个流放者。

  Their aim is for a more just and humane society. 他们的目标是建立一个更加公正、博爱的社会。

  92、imply:express or state indirectly;suggest as a logically necessary consequence; in logic ;have as a logical consequence;suggest that someone is guilty;have as a necessary feature or consequence; entail; vt.& vi 暗示;意味;隐含;说明,表明

  Cheerfulness doesn't always imply happiness. 快活并不总是意味着幸福。

  What did she imply in her words? 她的话意味着什么?

  93、innate: [ɪˈneɪt] not established by conditioning or learning; being talented through inherited qualities; present at birth but not necessarily hereditary; acquired during fetal development天生的;特有的,固有的;内在的,直觉的

  the innate conservatism of older people 老年人固有的保守性

  the innate ability to learn 天生的学习能力

  You obviously have an innate talent for music. 你显然有天生的音乐才能。

  Correct ideas are not innate in the mind. 人的正确思想不是自己头脑中固有的。


  Many stars overhead are invisible to the naked eye. 天上的许多星星是肉眼看不到的。

  95、irreversible: [ˌɪrɪ'vɜ:səbl]

  Technology has had an irreversible impact on society. 技术已对社会产生不可逆转的影响。

  The decision is irreversible. 这一决定不能取消。

  This results from the irreversible motion of domain boundaries. 这是由于磁畴边界的不可逆运动所致。

  96、irritate:cause annoyance in; disturb, especially by minor irritations; excite to an abnormal condition, of chafe or inflame; excite to some characteristic action or condition, such as motion, contraction, or nervous impulse, by the application of a stimulus; 刺激,使兴奋;使发怒;使感到不适;使疼痛,使发炎;引起恼怒;引起不愉快

  Her uncritical acceptance of everything I said began to irritate me. 我说什么她都不论对错一概接受,这倒惹我不耐烦起来。

  Don't irritate her, she's on a short fuse today. 别惹她,她今天动不动就发火。

  These tight shoes irritate my toes. 我的鞋太紧,夹痛我的脚趾。

  Today, her chirping enthusiasms did not irritate Lily. 今天她在丽莉耳旁叽叽喳喳说的那些热情话并没惹丽莉发火。

  97、mingle:to bring or combine together or with something else; get involved or mixed-up with; be all mixed up or jumbled together;

  One of the hostess's duties is to mingle with the guests. 女主人的职责之一是与客人们交际。

  Several streams mingle in this river on their way to the sea. 几条小溪在注入大海的途中汇入这条河。

  If we mingle with the crowd, we should not be noticed. 如果我们混在人群中,就不会被注意到。

  98、multiply:[ˈmʌltɪplaɪ] combine by multiplication;combine or increase by multiplication; have young (animals); have offspring or young;

  The children are already learning to multiply and divide. 孩子们已经开始学习乘法和除法了。

  Think of a number and multiply it by two. 想出一个数,然后乘以二。

  When animals have more food, they generally multiply faster. 动物在有较多的食物时,一般繁殖得较快。

  99、predominant: most frequent or common; having superior power and influence;

  Love of peace is the predominant feeling of many people today. 爱好和平在今天是许多人的主要情感。

  The predominant feature of his character was pride. 他的性格中主要的特点是骄傲。

  Its predominant vein was, in Poe's own phrase,"the grotesque and arabesque." 它的最主要的特点,用坡自己的话说,就是“怪诞和奇异。”

  100、prerequisite: [ˌpri:'rekwəzɪt] something that is required in advance; required as a prior condition or course of study先决条件,前提,必要条件

  A degree is an essential prerequisite for employment at this level. 学位是做这级工作必备的先决条件。

  Stability and unity are a prerequisite to the four modernizations. 安定团结是实现四个现代化的前提。

  Training is a prerequisite for competence. 接受训练是掌握技能的前提。



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